I help automotive dealers increase overall profit and revenue by improving your brand and connecting ‘ready to buy’ shoppers with your dealership.

With over 10 years of traditional and digital marketing experience, I’ve been able to create winning marketing formulas that helps your brand stand out, stay relevant, and move more units, among the growing competition in automotive online advertising.

I use Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other digital marketing platforms by focusing on ‘search intent’ and alleviating wasted spend. Also reaching mid to top-funnel shoppers through video and other channels.

These consumers are actively searching for your inventory and services, resulting in new customers in your showroom, increasing your profit margins and growing your revenue. Plus, I consistently create compelling videos to enhance your brand.

I enjoy teaching you insanely actionable digital marketing, video marketing and content marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business.

You are appreciated!
Benny Mazzier