Tonight is the start of something that will change lives!

Yours, mine and all involved with us! The agenda for each meeting will be as follows:

8 PM – Opening wins. All members take a minute to express a win since the last meeting.

8:10 – Hot seat. Prior to the meeting, 1 or more group members will be chosen or volunteer to be in the Hot Seat. This time is used to address an issue faced, get ideas on a new process, help with an existing process, hiring, managing, any issue the member has.
We then “mastermind” the issue with brutal honesty, but respect. Pointing out pitfalls, showing new ways of seeing the issue, another solution, etc and these will all combine to start creating some clear paths to success.

8:30 – Second Hot Seat – Same setup

8:50 – Goal setting. We will all set goals to attain before the next meeting. Since we are meeting every other week there will be shorter-term goals most often. Long term goals can be discussed and we will work toward them every week. Through this set up we will make massive changes in how we conduct business. This session’s topic is Time Management.

Tonight we have 1 Hot Seat member. That means more time to work on the issue! If there is another person that wants to be in the Hot Seat please contact me at the email below. Please email me [email protected]

Ted Ings and Mike Vogel are only 2 of our featured experts that you will
work with as part of the Fixed Ops Mastermind!