Below is the schedule of live meetings for the mastermind group. In the coming weeks, I will start adding subjects that will be discussed at each.

For the August meeting, the discussion will be about “Time Management” success through delegation. So let’s get our ideas flowing, best practices, new practices, innovative solutions to create the evolution of the positions that make fixed ops successful.

The success of this group is about everyone participating. New to the industry, 30 years in the industry, current tech, former tech or never a car guy at all we all have contributions to help this business and it is important that we are all heard.

I ask that everyone comes in with NO EXPECTATIONS. That means leaving old bias behind, what happened in the past has no relevance to our success in the future! We are seeking solutions to make the industry better.

Thank you for joining this group, you will not be disappointed with the results! Please make sure to also join the private Facebook group where the discussions continue between sessions.

All meetings are at 8 PM EST

August 6th – Time Management – Let’s explore this subject deeply, the tech that can be used, human capital, effective strategies and what to do with the “extra” time you will have created.

September 10

October 8

November 12 – “Innovative Women in Automotive” hosted by Rebecca D’Amico Chernak and Laurie Foster

December 10

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