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Featured Experts


Prime Auto Group

David Foy, Fixed Operations Director

David has had an over 30-year career in dealership service departments. He has logged over 50,000 hours inside those walls!

My name is Dave Foy, the fixed ops mastermind. Join me and my guests as we discuss innovative ideas and time tested solutions in automotive fixed operations.

Always learning, adapting and evolving my thinking and interactions to stay relevant to current trends. That is why I am the fixed ops mastermind!

I am bringing together experts from throughout the fixed operations, service, body shop and parts departments, together to share knowledge and gain knowledge.

Marketing Solutions STL

Benny Mazzier, YouTube Master

“We make your phone ring and your door swing!”

I help automotive dealers increase overall profit and revenue by improving your brand and connecting ‘ready to buy’ shoppers with your dealership.

With over 10 years of traditional and digital marketing experience, I’ve been able to create winning marketing formulas that helps your brand stand out, stay relevant, and move more units, among the growing competition in automotive online advertising.

I use Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other digital marketing platforms by focusing on ‘search intent’ and alleviating wasted spend. Also reaching mid to top funnel shoppers through video and other channels.

These consumers are actively searching for your inventory and services, resulting in new customers in your showroom, increasing your profit margins and growing your revenue. Plus, I consistently create compelling videos to enhance your brand.

I enjoy teaching you insanely actionable digital marketing, video marketing and content marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business.

You are appreciated!
Benny Mazzier

Sherwood Ford

Damon Egan, Service Department Expert

Service Department Fixer and $50,000 dollar Service Manager Challenge Winner.

Damon is the Service Manager at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park Alberta Canada. Damon oversees the day to day operations of Western Canada’s largest Ford store. Known as the Service Fixer Damon has pushed the boundaries of what is capable in an automotive service department. Damon won the prestigious $50,000 Service Manager Challenge in 2017 and in 2018 was named Top Service Manager in Canada.

Damon has worked with many reputable brands such as Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Ford. Damon brings an out of the box thinking and attitude to each place and has brought the performance to unrivaled levels. Damon is currently operating at a pace to shatter labour sales records for a third consecutive year.
Please email Damon at [email protected]

Center for Performance Improvement® Automotive

Ted Ings, Master Networker

Customer Experience #CX Expert | Keynote Speaker | OEM "Train the Trainer" and Field Training Authority | Modern Fixed Ops Sales Process | I Get Results!

Ted Ings is the Executive Director at the Center for Performance Improvement. He is a 4-time NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Convention speaker and is one of their highest-rated presenters.

He has successfully implemented dozens of initiatives for OEM’s and Total Quality Management processes at thousands of dealerships in North America and around the world, revolutionizing the way vehicles are sold. This makes him an invaluable asset to his clients and they get both the benefit of his vision and his experience.

Visit Ted at

Automotive Fixed Operations Coach

Mike Vogel, The Coach

After 30+ years of success in Automotive Fixed Operations Management, it's now time for me to offer my experience to future generations.

Fixed Operations Growth Expert

* Cummings Auto Group *
I-10 Toyota – Toyota of San Bernardino – Subaru of San Bernardino – San Bernardino Mitsubishi
———————————————————————- Improved Departmental Profit by 15-30% at each store.
Improved Service Customer Retention from
31st to 18th in just 14 months @ Toyota of San Bernardino.
Improved Toyota Care redemption to Top 10
Improved CP RO Count/CP Labor by 15-30% at all stores.
Improved Tire Sales by over 💯%

* Universal City Nissan *
# 1 in Customer Pay Labor Sales in the USA
for Nissan Motor Sales for 7 years in a row

* Penske Toyota Rancho Santa Margarita *
Ranked # 2 for Service & Parts Satisfaction
Index in the LA Region for 2 years in a
row out of 76 Toyota dealerships

* Claremont Toyota *
Increased Customer Pay Labor Sales over 💯% in under 5 years.
Ranked 45th in the USA for CP Labor out of 1200 Toyota dealerships.

* Carson Toyota *
Top 10 for Customer Retention – 2014
#2 for % increase for cp labor/parts-2014
#2 for % increase for cp labor/parts-2010
#3 for increase in cp labor-2011
300% increase in tire sales for 2010
140% increase in tire sales for 2011

* Puente Hills Toyota *
Increased Customer Retention by over 10%
while the average LA Region Toyota dealer
went up only 3% in the same time period.

Started up 2 brand new dealerships and one remodel successfully.

* Awards & Certifications *
Ten Time Service Excellence Award
Multiple Time President’s Award Winner
Multiple Board of Governor’s Award Winner
Toyota Certified Master Service and Parts
Toyota Express Maintenance Certified

Featured Fixed Ops Mastermind Expert Owen Moon

Owen Moon, CEO/Co-Founder

Owen Moon is CEO of FIXED OPS DIGITAL, the automotive industry’s premier service marketing agency specializing in Service, Parts, Collision, & Tire Online Marketing.

For nearly 20 years, Owen has been working with dealerships to help sell more cars and drive more service revenue using proven traditional and digital marketing strategies. Owen has been a content contributor for publications like Dealership News, Auto Success, Dealer Service, and the Fixed Ops Magazine. Owen is also an accredited speaker who has presented at many automotive events such as Digital Dealer, Innovative Dealer Summit, Automechanika, Kain Success Workshop, and the Fixed Ops Roundtable.

Owen can be reached at 605-376-0195 or by email at [email protected]

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